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In The Spotlight: Ed Saunders, Regional Head Chef

Our Journal

Attention foodies! Get ready to tantalise your taste buds because The Bridge has an exciting new addition to its culinary team. Let’s dive into the world of Ed Saunders, the newly appointed Regional Head Chef, who is set to revolutionise your dining experience.

A Journey Rooted in Passion

Hailing from the heart of Cheshire and born in Macclesfield, Ed Saunders has returned to his roots to spearhead the gastronomic evolution at The Bridge. His journey through the culinary world began early, working his way up from the humble beginnings of pot washing and vegetable prep. It’s a testament to his unwavering dedication and unyielding ambition that propelled him to the pinnacle of his profession.

Embracing the Future at The Bridge

Ed is excited about what lies ahead. After engaging with Dominic and the senior management team, his eagerness to collaborate and innovate reflects a shared vision for the future. This alignment of purpose fuels his anticipation, eagerly anticipating the unfolding of upcoming ventures.

Hospitality Runs in the Blood

Hospitality isn’t just a career choice for Ed; it’s in his DNA. A familial connection threads through his lineage, with his brother crafting hotel and restaurant spaces while his mother received her training in Switzerland, solidifying the familial tie to this industry.

Pushing Culinary Boundaries

Ed’s culinary prowess extends beyond his professional milestones. Reflecting on his career’s most formidable challenge, a dish from his time at Northcote stands out. Under the tutelage of Lisa Allen, he mastered a multifaceted cured salmon creation. This dish, a symphony of temperatures and textures, posed a formidable challenge, demanding precision and finesse to execute flawlessly.

A Palate for Excellence

Regarding favourites, Ed’s appreciation for well-cooked and seasoned dishes transcends any specific choice. However, sushi holds a special place in his heart, showcasing his admiration for precision and balance in culinary artistry.

A Flavourful Future Awaits

As The Bridge gears up for a culinary transformation in January 2024, Ed Saunders stands at the forefront, ready to infuse a twist into the classic dishes cherished by our loyal patrons. With his expertise, passion, and penchant for innovation, the horizon of flavours at The Bridge is set to dazzle and delight.

So, buckle up, food enthusiasts! Ed Saunders is here to redefine your dining experience at The Bridge, one delectable dish at a time.

Stay tuned for an exciting culinary adventure in 2024!

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