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Post Christmas Present Drop

Our Journal

As the festive season wrapped its arms around us, we embarked on a heartwarming journey to make it extra special for the little superheroes battling tough times at Macclesfield and Leighton Hospitals’ children’s wards. Our Santa Saturdays initiative, bolstered by the incredible support from the community, turned into a beacon of hope and joy for these brave children.

The concept was simple yet powerful: every family visiting Santa in December generously donated a present. And the magic didn’t stop there – The Bridge stepped in, matching each donation. The result? A wave of generosity that cascaded into an overflow of toys, books, and games, transforming the children’s ward into a haven of laughter and delight.

The impact of this collective effort goes beyond mere presents. It’s about creating moments of joy, normalcy, and warmth for children who are bravely facing health challenges. It’s about giving them reasons to smile, hope, and feel cherished during a time that might be tough for them and their families.

The spirit of giving and compassion has once again shown its incredible power, reminding us all that when we come together for a common cause, miracles happen. The overwhelming response to our charity Christmas campaign underscores the kindness and generosity that reside within our community’s heart.

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