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Top Tips for an Enjoyable Christmas

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Book Early for the Best Deals

Christmas is a popular time for travel, and hotels tend to fill up quickly with holidaymakers seeking a festive escape. To secure the best rates and room options, it’s wise to book your hotel well in advance. Booking early guarantees you the room of your choice and allows you to take advantage of any special Christmas packages or promotions that the hotel may offer. Booking direct with the Bridge always guarantees you the best benefits.

Research Hotel Amenities and Services

Before finalising your reservation, thoroughly research our incredible amenities and things to do in the local area. The Bridge calendar is jam-packed with festive spirit throughout December, from festive lunches to Santa Saturdays, plus plenty of upgrades to your hotel experience, such as a Christmas Tree in the room, stockings hung up on Christmas Day, and more.

Pack Your Festive Spirit

To truly get into the Christmas spirit, pack some festive decorations and small ornaments to bring along with you. Adding a touch of holiday decor to your hotel room will instantly make it feel like a home away from home. If your hotel room has one, you can bring a mini Christmas tree, twinkling lights, or even some stockings to hang by the fireplace.

Plan Activities in Advance

While relaxing and unwinding during your Christmas break is lovely, planning a few activities can make your stay even more enjoyable. Check out all our incredible local events, such as the Christmas Lights Show at Dunham Massey and the stunning German-inspired Christmas Markets in Manchester. With a great selection of things to do in the area during the festive period, booking activities in advance is well worth it for the best experience.

Indulge in the Culinary Delights

Christmas is a time of indulgence, so treat yourself to the delicious culinary offerings at our incredible restaurants. At The Bridge, we do Christmas with style, from a carefully curated Christmas menu, festive lunches, a smidge of turkey, the best of your friends and a few party hats thrown in – what’s not to love?

Spread the Holiday Cheer with our Staff

Remember that our lovely hotel staff are working hard during the holiday season to ensure you have a wonderful stay. Spread some holiday cheer by being kind, patient, and considerate. A simple “thank you” or a small token of appreciation can go a long way in making someone’s day brighter.

Capture the Moments

Finally, don’t forget to capture the magical moments of your Christmas break. Take photos of your festive decorations, our iconic Christmas displays, and the joyous moments with your loved ones. These memories will be cherished for years and can even be turned into a heartwarming holiday album.

With these top tips in mind, your Christmas break at a hotel is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Embrace the festive spirit, make the most of your surroundings, and create lasting memories to cherish for years.

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